Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bible rides

In response to the actual Bible Park USA, the Curt Jester has a list of Biblical rides he would like to see. For the sake of poking fun, I will poke some holes in his list.
-Elijah Flaming Chariot Roller Coaster Ride. When would it come down?

-A water ride where the Red Sea splits seconds before you think you are gong to get drenched. And the every other car could be the Egyptian army?

-Jonah's Whale Ride. Might be a few days too long and the stench unbearable.

-Water fountains would all be disguised as rocks. Only if you strike them with a staff and then you get kicked out of the park for good.

-Manna concession stand where any food sold would only have a shelf life of one day. Who would buy any of that healthy stuff?

-Goliath Slingshot Gallery. To borrow from one of the kids' Bible tapes, "Oh my head!"
My own ideas?
-The Ananias and Sapphira donation machine. Wait, that didn't turn out so well.
-Apples from Eden concession stands.
-The Lot Lottery.
-Walls of Jericho jumping thingy for the kids.

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