Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obscure Papal Trivia *redux*

Thought I would trot out this item in honor of our Holy Father's visit.

Some little known facts about our Holy Father's likes and dislikes:

Favorite programming language: C. Not C++. Just C. There is no need for pluses when you sit on the Holy C. There is none higher on earth and the throne in Heaven transcends programming.

Truck manufacturer: Peterbilt of course! Not quite as durable as the Church that Jesus built, but coming in a close second.

Season: Winter. One might consider springtime, but remember red looks good in heavy garments. And since the Holy Father usually has several layers on, summertime is definitely out.

Operating System UNIX. Some would argue Mac, but there is always that ancient problem with apples. LINUX is more Protestant in its recent creation and frequent spin-offs. Plus it has no visible head, everyone can make up their own rules. So why UNIX? Because Jesus said there are those that become so for the sake of the Kingdom.

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Jeff Miller said...

The Pope obvously uses Red Hat Linux. And remember St. Paul said that some would be made UNIX for the kingdom of God.