Monday, June 02, 2008

From the goodness of their heart

I am sure this comes from the goodness of their communist heart.
Quake causes China to revise one-child policy
The Chengdu Population and Family Planning Committee, located in Sichuan’s capital, said that families affected by the disaster can obtain a certificate to have another child, the Associated Press reports.
Funny how the God-given right-to-life sounds so different when the state is the one handing out the rights. But alas, the government sponsored procreation isn't all warm fuzzies. As Steven W. Mosher of the Population Research Institute, states
"The natural human reaction to losing a child is to have a make-up child as quickly as possible. But this will not be possible for most of the couples who have lost children to the quake, regardless of what the government policy is. Most women of childbearing age have been sterilized, or their spouses have been sterilized. Unless the government begins offering free tubal ligation and vasectomy reversals to these poor people, there will be no more children."