Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All hail Caesar

Caesar never had it this good. Perhaps some good may come of the Democrat Congress yet. Of course that is if they don't get all starry eyed about the possibilities when they take office in 08.
WorldNetDaily: Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers via Mark Shea
President Bush has signed a directive granting extraordinary powers to the office of the president in the event of a declared national emergency, apparently without congressional approval or oversight.

The directive also makes no reference to Congress and its language appears to negate any requirement that the president submit to Congress a determination that a national emergency exists.

It suggests instead that the powers of the directive can be implemented without any congressional approval or oversight.

Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke affirmed to Corsi the Homeland Security Department would implement the requirements of the order under Townsend's direction.

The White House declined to comment on the directive.
Of course it declined to comment. Caesar answers to no one. NO ONE!

This just blows my mind.

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