Sunday, May 06, 2007

Missing the mark

Perhaps here is the answer to the question so many have asked, why don't the dissidents and pro "woman priest" crowds ever seem to notice the shortage of sisters and nuns.

The reason may be they are not concerned about shortages or authentic priesthood, but rather in the power they perceive priesthood carries. Just as the radical feminists miss the mark of true femininity, rather grasping at the sins and vices of men. They desire power, individuality, detachment, cold aloofness and the desire to avoid children; in short all that they despise in men.

The same goes for those grasping at the perceived power (rather than the suffering servant model Christ gives to his priests). They aren't interested in the true feminine that can be found as a sister or nun. Just as the priest is "persona-Christi" in relation to the Church, the sisters and nuns are "persona" brides. And as the wife is the heart of the family, the women religious are the heart of the Church.

Perhaps our Church has serious illness of the heart.

She is weak and unable to engage so many that have left her family. So for a true renewal of the Bride of Christ, we must pray for a strong heart as well as a strong head. The heart without a head is easily deceived by emotions. The head without a heart is just headstrong and uncaring.

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