Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Feast not

Curious to see it any readers had a potpourri of readings this last Sunday? We had the proper 1st reading and Psalm, then the second reading and Gospel were taken from next week! Probably because Ascension Thursday has become Ascension Sunday in the US.

But that is a big issue for me. Not only do we lose the last Sunday of Easter because people "can't" find the time for Mass on Thursday, but it is ruined for those that choose to go on Thursday. There aren't any Masses for the Ascension on Thursday. I went to a daily Mass last year and it was just a simple daily Mass.

If it is so important of a Holy Day that we move the feast to Sunday so the majority of church going Catholics will participate, why isn't it just gladly proclaimed as a Holy Day of Obligation? Is it not our duty to assist at Mass on Sunday's and Holy Days of obligation? So we are asked to go to a whole 8 holy days throughout the year, unless of course the holy day falls on a Monday or Saturday or is just too inconvenient for people.

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