Friday, May 04, 2007

Not picky

Not that he is picky or anything... And I mostly agree. Let's see, follow the Monroe Doctrine, remember the 10th amendment, appoint strict constitutionalist judges, protect OUR borders and balance your checkbook.

I think I could live with that.

Crowhill Weblog: My perfect candidate

We’re coming up on that long and torturous time where absolutely
everything seems to revolve around which moron we’re going to place at
the helm of this country.

Of course none of the candidates are very appealing, so I’m going to design my own virtual candidate. Here’s what he’d be like.

Fiscal Policy

Cut spending (severely) before you mess with revenue. Once the

government has a surplus — a real surplus, not some nutty “projection”
— then you can talk about tax breaks.

Foreign Policy

The number one priority is to become energy independent so we don’t have to worry so much about the Middle East any more.

Avoid foreign entanglements.

Enforce the border. Everyone who’s been coming in illegally should

leave and then come in legally. (Obviously we’d have to make that
process easier.) We should welcome immigrants. But laws must be
observed, and illegals must be deported.

Domestic Policy

The operating assumption is that if the Consitution doesn’t give the federal government the power to do it, it stays out.

This means, for example, no federal meddling in education, abortion
laws and the like, and a progressive retreat from the areas we’re
already meddling.

Social Policy

See above. The federal government should have almost nothing to do with social policy.

The Courts

Appoint judges who know the difference between interpreting law and

creating law, and when the courts go beyond their mandate, simply don’t
enforce their decisions.

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