Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Seeking justification

Diogenes links to a wonderful tale of someone seeking out the good in the work they do.
the ability to work with women in crisis, to allow them to voice their fears, grief, and weaknesses is a true gift. not every one could do what we do. and i say that not to brag about what we do, but rather in humility that we were given this ability to "walk with women and men in their darkest hours". we do not judge, we do not run away, we do not fear to hear the unspeakable. this is the work we do.
They take pride in their humble task and yet it isn't always easy.
to be present in others' lives and bear their burdens for a bit,
Makes one kinda misty eyed. Until you realize this is an abortion clinic worker. The self-loathing is barely masked by the self-congratulations.

Diogenes then takes it apart skillfully with a comparison to how Heinrich Himmler overcame this same conscience problem in the Nazi soldiers.

tip to Bettnet

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