Friday, May 25, 2007

Ask a teenager

Not sure why this is news, or who came up with the brilliant idea of polling people (sorry, polling adults) about this issue.; But it is so irrelevant it is almost brilliant. Glad they polled adults though, a child or even a teenager would have given the correct answer of "Huh?".

Majority Disagree With Denying Catholic Pols Communion Over Abortion
A new national poll of adults shows that a majority of people disagree that Catholic politicians who support abortion should be denied communion at church. The poll comes after comments from Pope Benedict XVI saying they should and that pro-abortion politicians automatically excommunicated themselves.
Reacting to those comments, Rasmussen Reports conducted a telephone poll with 1,000 American adults on May 16 and 17.
In other news, the majority of adults will agree with a pollster on an issue that has no relevance to them. And in other irrelevant news, the majority of atheists think the Unitarian church is too orthodox in their views.

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