Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Less is not more

If it weren't so sad, this would be hilarious. An oxymoronic, self-induced torture of the self.

But I must admit I was wrong.

I have speculated that, contrary to feminist claims, contraceptives are chauvinistic and have done more to objectify women than all the male hierarchy of the Church combined. I pointed out that wanton, "consequence free" sex is the male chauvinist's dream. Wham, bam and what do you mean you want more ma'am?

But these studies may prove me wrong. The only one made happy by contraception is Satan himself. No babies, less sex, less enjoyment and more misery.

Birth Control Pill Could Cause Long-Term Problems With Testosterone, New Research Indicates via Christina
Several studies over the last 30 years reported negative effects of oral contraceptives on sexual function, including diminished sexual interest and arousal, suppression of female initiated sexual activity, decreased frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual enjoyment. Androgens such as testosterone are important modulators of sexual function. Oral contraceptives decrease circulating levels of androgens by direct inhibition of androgen production in the ovaries and by a marked increase in the hepatic synthesis of sex-hormone binding globulin, the major binding protein for gonadal steroids in the circulation. The combination of these two mechanisms leads to low circulating levels of "unbound" or "free" testosterone.

This article is published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.[emphasis added]

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