Sunday, May 06, 2007

A matter of preference

Part or today's sermon focused on religious vocations and promoting a diocese program for increasing vocations. In my opinion we don't spend enough time or energy encouraging our youth to consider the religious life.

But my question is how should we best promote them? Our priest made the point that we let our young singles that they would make a good priest or brother or sister. That struck me as the wrong approach. I recall from the conversion story of Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea, he contends that following the wrong vocation could seriously jeopardize our soul.

So who are we to say that someone would make a good priest or nun? At least without serious prayer and discernment, we shouldn't make that assumption. It strikes me people make that comment to a boy that has trouble fitting in or a girl is unattractive.

Sorta like, well you haven't amounted to much, so have you considered the consolation prize?

Should we not encourage them to pray to know God's will in their life? And if we wish to have an influence, do some of the praying for them?

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