Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plan B

Megan Basham takes to task the feminist notion of scaring women into working. Although I am not a fan of using statistics to prove one's point, she uses them well to refute the baseless claims that women need to work in case their husbands
a.) run out on them
b.) die
c.) lose their job.
Now I am not against women working. But I don't agree with the notions that the feminist perpetuate, namely that the women is an insurance policy and that most men are scum and will eventually leave their faithful spouse high and dry.

But mostly I disagree with the idea that individuals should enter the marriage hedging their bets. The "I gotta have MY time, MY money, MY interests..." is self-fulfilling. Starting with that selfish attitude, it is likely that "MINE" is all you will end up with.

It reminds me of a retreat master that asked us if we trusted Jesus. Then he asked if we had a "plan B" in case that first option didn't work. That isn't trust. Neither is it a marriage if we enter marriage as a contract rather than a covenant. Contracts have language to protect the parties in the event it is broken. A covenant has language that says, "I will die before turning my back on you."

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