Friday, May 18, 2007

Obsessed with Sovereignty

Shellie brings out a marvelous point from Chesterton's The Catholic Church and Conversion.

Satan tend to attack us in our blind spot. We have many traits that we tend to think of as strong points, but often they are our biggest weakness.

Me, I am pretty laid back. I don't let things bug me or get too upset. But if I wasn't married to my better half, that trait would probably become dominant and I would be lazy and care about nothing. I don't lack faith, I lack zeal. So I could easily become a one day a week church guy. If I even would make that effort.

So it maybe the Devil's greatest triumph to have church shoppers looking to find their "niche". Considering our fallen nature, if you find a church that agrees with you on most things, perhaps that is the worst place for you to be.

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