Monday, May 14, 2007

St. Maximilian Kolbe would be proud

Dom has a great point here.

Bishops, the Gospel, and the Internet age *
I think a lot more can be done if only there is the will to do it and the expertise to pull it off. The great thing about the new media is that the cost to do it is low. How much are you paying for your blog? Not as much as, say, a daily newspaper is to print it’s daily edition.
While you can’t replace the face-to-face encounter in spreading the Gospel and sharing the life in Christ, these new media can be a very effective means for starting that process. And we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what can be done.
It isn't just up to the bishops anymore to evangelize people where they are at. The wealth of information available on the internet is a boon to the truthseeker.

Not that everything you read on the internet (or newspaper) is true, but being informed has never been easier. The more information available, the more likely people will find the truth. In the MSM era, they could control what people talked about. As Bear-i-tone mentioned some time back, they don't have to control what people think as long as they control what they think about.

And I am encouraged by the likes of Archbishop Chaput of Denver. He has been using the internet to release his actual speeches rather than relying on the print and TV media to "quote" him and give a summary according to their skview.

And take the very recent comments from the Pope on communion and politicians. Many skilled writers stepped right up and dissected the nuance and meaning, so a Catholic can be informed even before the 6:00 news gives their slanted soundbit.

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