Friday, June 01, 2007

Typist wanted. Spell-check not needed

The worst part? All the technology logos right above the error. I guarantee some heads are gonna roll.

The blogosphere will have a feast with this one. Giving Hillary a pass
If George W. Bush had stood in front of a misspelled sign for a campaign speech, it would be on every news broadcast and mentioned in every article written about it, as if he was personally responsible for the creation and installation of every sign on his campaign stops.

Yet when it’s Hillary Clinton, there’s not a word in the Associated Press coverage.

But there’s no liberal bias or double standard in the media.
But you say POtato, I say poTATo. I like the excerpt from the article
The New York senator and Democratic presidential hopeful said she's trying to increase the number of so-called H1B visas aimed at highly educated workers
English as a first language? Well we can murder the rest of the languages later.

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