Friday, June 01, 2007

Nah, couldn't be

Couldn't be that Ron Paul may have a point about our Middle East policies creating more terrorist.

In northern Lebanon, in the long-established Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, out of the blue arose a new al-Qaida-related insurgent group,
Fatah al-Islam. Within days and even hours, the recurring hell of the Middle East was loosed and refugees poured out of the camp in terror.

Now think about the symbolism. There had been none of this kind of terror networking in these northern camps. Indeed, since this camp was established in 1949 to accommodate refugees from northern Palestine after the creation of
Israel, it has housed one of the more formal and conservative of peoples.

But it was soon established that these new "insurgents" or "terrorists" -- or whatever they really are -- had arrived at the camp only recently, that they marched in one day with brand-new weapons, ready to fight. As of this writing, they remain there.
Iraq, where we were supposed to be "containing terrorism," is now clearly EXPORTING insurgents to other regions -- to Lebanon, to
Syria, to Gaza, to Bangladesh, to Kurdistan.

And so, on the one hand, you have weakened societies -- "only spaces" -- that have become vulnerable to the "new answers" of "new insurgencies," and on the other hand, you have Iraq set up as a school for terrorists with American troops and policy providing the constant inspiration for their fight.

This, of course, is not the way the Bush administration -- despite everything that has gone so terribly wrong -- sees it.

They see terrorists as born, not created by history, bearing the mark of Cain, not the mark of circumstance. There is a scarlet "T" written on their foreheads at birth and the only answer is to destroy them. This kind of thinking, of course, relieves the thinker of any responsibility for the presence of the insurgent-terrorist-whatever in our innocent midst.
via Mark Shea

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