Monday, June 04, 2007

When is now?

When the Democrats took power in the House and Senate last fall, all I can remember hearing is how, "Now everything will be different." Now there would be an end to corruption. Now gas prices would come under control...

So when is the "now" gonna happen?
Rep. Jefferson indicted in bribery probe - Yahoo! News
"But the essence of the charges are really very simple: Mr. Jefferson corruptly traded on his good office and on the Congress," said Chuck Rosenberg, the U.S. attorney in Alexandria.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) is expected to push this week for Jefferson to be stripped of his seat on the Small Business Committee, according to a leadership aide who spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision had not yet been announced.

"If these charges are proven true, they constitute an egregious and unacceptable abuse of public trust and power," said Pelosi, D-Calif. "Democrats are committed to upholding a high ethical standard and eliminating corruption and unethical behavior from the Congress."
Pelosi is expected to push for Jefferson to be stripped of his seat? What is wrong with this picture? Is Congress about the only place that marking the Felony box on the job application doesn't matter?

And how appropriate that he is on the Small Business Committee. I wonder how many small businesses have died in committee under his watch. Racketeering, soliciting bribes, wire fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice and conspiracy, all good qualities for someone supposing to help small businesses flourish.

But I am sure this too can be spun by the politicians. The Republicans will claim the moral highground, but not too loudly so anyone will remember Abernoff and all their fiscal misdealings. The Democrats will merely point out that this happened while the Republicans were in charge.

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