Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wonder why I don't get the hits from China anymore

This is the image search for Tiananmen massacre on Yeah I can see how kittens, puppies and gerbils fit the description. Perhaps the most damning evidence is the number of hits. Only 4 pages? I don't know as I have ever seen a Google search that returned fewer than 10 pages of hits.

Nah, the Chinese government doesn't censor their internet. Just some technical issues as Yahoo says Beijing likely blocking Flickr
SHANGHAI (Reuters) -, one of the world's most popular online photo-sharing sites and owned by Yahoo Inc., is likely being blocked by the Chinese government, Yahoo's Hong Kong unit said on Tuesday.

Flickr -- popular among a growing class of digital photo enthusiasts in the world's second-largest Internet market -- has not shown photos to users in mainland China since last week, amid rumors Beijing took action after images of the Tiananmen massacre in early June 1989 were posted.

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