Friday, June 15, 2007

We are grit

Which is a better way of saying we are all hair shirts to those around us. As Fr. Corapi was saying today, "Good morning hair shirt. How scratchy are you going to be today?"

Sounds a bit rough, but he makes his point quite well. To become the precious gems in the Kingdom of God, we are given our family to help us become holy. Just as grit is added to the tumbler to smooth the rough edges of the stones; our spouse, children and family in all their annoying faults are there to smooth our rough edges. Learning to love them despite their faults is how we become holy. And we must remember, they may be grit to us, but what grain of grit are we to others? For those who have listened to my complaining, just remember, I am polishing you.

Or in other words, to roughly paraphrase Mother Angelica, holiness is listening to someone complain about all their problems over and over. Or listening patiently to a joke you have heard 25 times and laughing at the punch line for the 26th time.

Boy, all that holiness I am missing as my children tell joke after joke.

So, have you hugged your grit today?

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frival said...

Boy Kale, I wonder if my wife will believe me when I say I'm just trying to polish her when I drive her nuts? Hey, it's worth a try. Tongue-in-cheek aside, this is a great point to keep in mind. Thanks!