Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Physical solutions

I recently had to resolve a dust-up between my 7 year old and a friend. Seems the rough housing on the trampoline got a bit rough. I tend to ignore when the boys get their feelings hurt when they are being rowdy.

But my wife called attention to my boy being unhappy because the other boy hit him. But, of course it was a return for getting shoved. After I settled the matter with some push-ups and stairs, I had the boys shake hands. And then shake hands again, like a man which includes looking each other in the eye.

That night I was talking to my boy and he was still festering about it. I mentioned we would have his friend and dad come over so we can have a boxing match. I told him if he wanted to settle it with fighting we would put the gloves on and work it out fairly. He thought about it and grumpily agreed, but then added that he would rather wrestle.

Sounds about right because this other boy used to bully him until my son took him down and pinned him. But then again, my boy has a bit of the careless bully in him too. Perhaps we will just go UFC?

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