Friday, June 15, 2007

Making me woos-y

Sorry to say, I still don't believe him.

Romney woos anti-abortion activists
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Friday told hundreds of anti-abortion activists that his conversion to their cause is genuine as he sought to fend off rivals' criticism that he's inconsistent on the issue.

"I know that it is not time but conviction that unites us," Romney said in remarks on the second day of the National Right to Life's annual convention. "I proudly follow a long line of converts — George Herbert Walker Bush, Henry Hyde, and
Ronald Reagan to name a few."
It is not TIME that unites, but the TIMING sure is suspicious. Him being a politician and all, it is perfectly natural to not believe a word he says. Show me some action that gives proof. But he can't because he didn't convert until after he could have possibly done something concrete to stem the abortions in Massachusetts.

Probably of more interest is the something he doesn't proclaim very loudly. He at least has a plausible explanation for his conversion on abortion. But I have yet to hear his explanation for his similar conversion, coincidentally at the same time, regarding homosexual unions. Are we supposed to just take it for granted that he saw the light their also? Another Damascus road experience? Perhaps as the legend goes, he needs to be knocked off his horse for us to believe him. Although I consider him more of a donkey in the political sense.

Give me the consistency of Ron Paul any day.

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