Monday, June 18, 2007

Holier than thou

Ironic Catholic has an interesting list on traveling with kids, A Rich Source Of Indulgences. Her list is probably not nearly as interesting as the actual trip was, but I can relate. I have never flown with kids of my own, but I have driven 14 hour days with them.

Traveling with sick kids is the blues. I am not fond of cleaning up vomit or the alternative from the lower GI tract. So here is my additions to her list, I will leave the time for each indulgence up to the mercy of God.
- Cleaning up said fluids while remaining inside the vehicle because it is below zero outside.
- Navigating the vehicle to a safe stop on a narrow mountain road when the vomit hits the your seat.
- Maintaining humor when the you finally understand why the 2 year old was pointing to him mouth saying "ick" for the last 15 minutes.
- Avoiding the compounding of sins in the instances a child needs a potty break immediately after the crying baby finally fell asleep.
And the point, parents don't need to look far for their corporal works of mercy; clothing the naked, feeding the perpetually hunger, comfort the sorrowing, changing the stinky.

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