Monday, June 11, 2007

Why we may be in trouble

If this clip is any indication, it isn't the candidates that are the problem. It is the voters!

Watch it to the end and tell me what is wrong with the response of the test group.

The thing about Romney that jumped out at me was how little he had to say in the last debate. His commentary on absolutely nothing was marvelous. But it still was about nothing. It was like eating the beautiful advertisement of fast food. It made you salivate but there was nothing there. Except perhaps a little indigestible fiber that stuck in your throat.

He stepped towards the camera and droned on about the "future" without giving any substantial answer. If that is what appeals to voters, then we are in big trouble as a nation. Feed them pablum with a smile and tell them it is tender roast beef.

Here it is embedded.

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