Friday, June 01, 2007

Disturbing trend

And I am not talking about the rising crime rate.

Anti-crime teams sent to 4 more cities - Yahoo! News
The influx of agents brings the number of ATF Violent Crime Impact Teams, which first deployed three years ago, to 29 cities. The FBI is also adding to its more than 180 Safe Streets Task Forces by sending one to Orlando, which Gonzales said has been plagued by gang violence.

Orlando police spokeswoman Barbara Jones said the department "welcomes any additional federal support in our efforts to combat violent crime."

The report, released Friday by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, warned of problems with federal crime-fighting task forces. It concluded the teams duplicate efforts and compete for help from local authorities while failing to communicate among themselves. The poor communication, in particular, resulted in three so-called "blue-on-blue" cases where federal agents mistook each other for criminals.
The increasing federalization of the police does not leave me with a warm, fuzzy, secure feeling. On the local level, compare the different temperament of of the Highway Patrol versus the local cops. To the local cops, this is home and they are concerned about safety. If you follow their emphasis patrols, they are looking to reduce speeds in neighborhoods, reduce accidents and in general, the good of the community.

Compare that to the HP who will seemingly follow someone, allowing them to continue violating the law as they wait for a better ROI.

It is like bringing in a stranger to discipline the kids because they have gotten out of control. The stranger is likely to look at the discipline as a task to be accomplished at all costs, rather than the loving reproof of a father.

As we export our local jobs to the federal nanny state, don't expect the results to improve. I would much rather chastised by a father than subjugated by a dictator.

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