Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why isn't PETA protesting this

Maybe I am hyper-sensitive to the current trend of calling a pet your son or daughter. But then again, many of these same people feel free to vocalize their views on my large family. Perhaps they are misplacing the nuturing of children with a pet. I have long held that another child in many lives would cure many ills, but I am a bit biased.
Believe me, I understand the lonely elderly people with pets and I can only image the suffering of those couples unable to have children. I know some of them and their affection for our kids and helping hands are appreciated.

Okay enough of my soapbox, but here is what got me there. There is a new trend for excessive pet owners, religious ceremonies for their dogs. This one called a 'bark mitzvah' is for male dogs who are "coming of age." To quote the article:

"Dogs bring us so much joy,'' added proud mom Edie Rudy. "Why not celebrate them."

How about celebrating the birth of another eternal soul rather than commenting on how "busy" the mom and dad have been.

At least the article notes that there is a requirement for Jewish boys to have been circumcised.

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Justin said...

Huzzah! Here, here! These are nothing but non-sentient animals, and they can't hold a candle to the awesome nature of a human being.