Friday, October 14, 2005

Celibacy, Why not?

Dale Price asks and interesting question in Calling all apologists. Jesus wasn't married (opposed to the speculations of the Da Vinci Code) but Dale wonders if there is deeper meaning to why not. I offered a comment on it and it got me thinking. So here is his question followed by my thoughts.

My question to all of you apologists is, how to explain this stuff to a non-Christian? Sex is a natural thing. True. It's a very good thing. It's God's invitation to create the best He's done with Him: another human being. I know it's not a right, it's a gift or privilege.So how to explain that it's not unnatural not to have it?

It IS unnatural if your whole society believes that IT is the end-all and be-all. When everything "spiritual" in our culture revolves around getting more and getting the good stuff of sex, then how can not having sex be anything but unnatural?

Why wouldn't Jesus need to have sex to be human? Because he is also God. To have marital sex is to "be made in the image of God". Human sexuality gives us a "little bit" of heaven. In martial union, we join together in such intense love that another soul may be created.

So, as this sort of comes to me now, Jesus already knew and experienced what marital sex is supposed to image.

Why settle for the image when you already have the REAL THING.

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