Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dawn Eden of the Dawn Patrol is looking for input for her column in reaction to this Catholic school banning certain blog sites.

My take.

I had a much different stance on this ban, but then I looked at the site in question (myspace.com), wow is it rife with issues.

This isn't your typical "journal my thoughts" blogspace. This is "40 questions" on fetishes, favorite alcholic drinks, favorite anatomy on the opposite sex... Throw in addresses, IM identities, phone numbers and you have something I wouldn't let a teen go near.

As an IT manager, I think it is impossible for the school to actually monitor this. And I am not for any public or parochial entity trying to take the job of parenting away from the parents. But kudos to this school for alerting parents on this on. Parents should be more diligent in what the kids do online, but if a school becomes aware of something bizarre like this, they have the duty to inform parents to be vigilant.

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