Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"We Are Church" is NOT

As an example of what the VOTF/We are church movement is proposing, I would say their stance on the Eucharist puts them outside the Church. No bishop's pronouncement needed (but it sure helps to clarify anti-catholic groups).

we are more than puzzled by every form of devotion, which is usual in the Eucharistic cult (for example, Eucharistic adoration, processions, etc.) in which the sacralization of Eucharist has a plain role, making an idol of the Eucharist

They already fell off the cliff. Now we just need bishops to point this out so more Catholics don't mistakenly run over the cliff after them.

Althought we all may struggle with it at times (it is a hard saying), can you not agree that the We are church people are in heresy on this?
Thanks to Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam for the link.

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