Monday, October 10, 2005

Murder and malpractice in the media

No shock to most, but the media didn't get it right, nor did it seem they cared. As long as they were "reporting" and kept you watching or tune in, they were happy. WorldNetDaily has a good article on the misreporting in the Shavio case with many of the facts that most people never heard.
- Strange timing on Michael's case and how his position changed after the he won the $1.5 million settlement.
- Loaded polls by the MSM.

There are excerpts from the book that WND is plugging, but it is very comprehensive in the details.

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Justin said...

Being a law student, I took a class last semester on "Law & Medicine." I sat in silence most of the semester while the entire class and the professor talked about their views on the "right to die" and such. They, of course, believed that starvation is a "peaceful, more humane" way to die. It really shook me to the core to realize just how widespread the anti-life movement has become. It has been adopted as a basic principle by so many in modern society. Thanks for the post - it showed me that it's the same story in the media (as if I wouldn't have guessed). *chuckle*