Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kickbacks, paybacks and hell to pay

If there ever was a doubt about the two-party system not representing the working class citizens, this should remove all doubt. As I linked to yesterday, the Miers lottery scandal has so many tangled webs, we may never even hear about it. Sounds like the Dems and the GOP are both afraid of getting caught by this nasty spider. Will we hear about this in Miers' confirmation hearings? Doubtful.

According to a reliable source close to the Texas lottery scandals, the answer might be that no senator would dare ask the tough questions.

Ben Barnes, the former Texas lieutenant governor and the man at the heart of the National Guard controversy, is pressuring Democratic senators to avoid any references to the lottery scandal because they would jeopardize Democratic Party officials as well as Bush, reports WND columnist Jerome Corsi.

In other words, says Corsi, "the fix is in."

The upside? Bush may ask her to withdraw rather than risk this mess.

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