Wednesday, October 19, 2005

From another world

On another blog, we are discussing proper material for sacred vessels.

One participant responded that he doubts the kind of container determines the depth of one's faith. Arguing that an imprisioned priest in Communist China could validly celebrate Mass with whatever container he could aquire.

Here is my response.

The container does not affect our belief. But the respect shown (or not) of those in charge, e.g. those who buy the vessels, does make a difference.
While using a thimble as a sacred vessel in Communist China may be worthy, we are not in China. We are in the most affluent country in the world. Do those priests and bishops who think it "humble" to use pottery vessels, drive humble old beaters or wear simple clerical clothes? I doubt it.

And look at it this way. What does a wedding ring symbolize? The love and commitment of the spouses. Would you find it appropriate if you wife to be bought you a pottery ring? And then how would you react when she buys herself a new diamond necklace? Would you say the lack of artistic merit has no bearing on the depth of her love? (credit to my wife for this well put analogy)

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Justin said...

Excellent point.

My argument against inferior vessels for the Sacred Body and Blood is this:

It's the Sacred Body and Blood.

*chuckle* Shouldn't we want to put the most important and glorious substance in the universe in the best vessels we can possibly acquire?

Major kudos on the "bishop's car" argument.