Tuesday, October 04, 2005

EWTN radio in Spokane

A good friend infomed me that EWTN/Sacred Heart Radio is now in Spokane. For the locals, tune your radio to 970 to hear solid Catholic commentary and talk.

It leads me to consider the value of talk radio. I often listen to conservative talk radio, but for the last week have been listening to Ave Maria. I find great value in Catholic radio. It can help form your faith, answer questions, solidify faith and in general draw you closer to God through the Church.

But does conservative talk radio help our country just as Catholic radio helps the Church. It touches many of the same areas, informing the mind, exposing the truth and answering questions. But I see that it fails for some reason. While Catholic radio helps form our minds, strengthen our hearts and live our lives in faith; political talk radio seems to be more of a gripe session. It can inform our minds, but because it is politics, it doesn't touch our hearts and change our country.

To change our country, we need to vote rationally at the ballot box rather than rely on emotion. Emotions often fade by the time elections come around and with the limited choices, we choose what we consider the best, worst option. So talk radio can whip up the troops; but without that tug on the heart, the emotion fades away and we keep electing the same sold out politicians that serve themselves rather than their country.

Thanks for the correction Eric. I believe it is EWTN radio on the Sacred Heart stations in the Northwest.

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Eric said...

The radio programs are great and I can't seem to stop listening. I believe however, that it is put on by Sacred Heart Radio, out of Seattle. Maybe Sacred heart and Ave Maria are one in the same. Also note that there are many programs on that station put on by EWTN as well.
All in all thhough, it's wonderful.