Friday, October 14, 2005

I, for one, am up for and NEED the challenge

In the article called, Help Catholics live pious, robust faiths, Synod observer tells bishops, Leonardo Casco, President of the Honduran, "Alianza Para la Familia" group, urged priests and bishops to joyfully encourage the faithful to live lives of "demanding and robust faiths", particularly in this time of overwhelming ignorance of Church teaching.

Myself and most men I know agree that we need to be challenged. Without a faith that demands our love, our attention, most men will slowly (or quickly) wander off the path. Compare, as St. Paul does, the Church as the bride of Christ to marriages. Show me a solid, happy marriage, and I will likely be able to show you a wife that patiently but firmly reminds her husband of the need to stay tuned into their relationship, to spend time working on it, to communicate with her, to say sorry when needed.

A Faith that doesn't demand some sacrifice is not a faith that men will stick with. Men, if allowed, will look for the easy path. I know from my experience, I can work and sacrifice and be what my family needs. But the moment I get a bit selfish, think I need a little time for myself or that I deserve it, soon I find myself falling into lazy habits.

So, a rousing Amen! to this call to the bishops.

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