Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Free Piglet redux

It was a pig-shaped stress reliever that offended the suddenly ultra sensitive Muslims and led to the recall on pork products. But obviously all offenses are not created equal.

[other members of the] staff said they were offended by the products in the run up to the Islamic festival of Ramadan.
[However] a decision will be taken after the festival ends about whether the items are allowed back.

So why do the decision on offensive Islamic items get a pass until next year while any offensive piggies must be removed immediately. I can't even have a ham and cheese sandwich while I think this over?

Two thoughts. A new national anthem for the once Great Britain,
This little pig goes to market,
This little pig stays home,
This little pig has roast beef,
This little pig has none.
And this little english pig gets blown to smithereens.
And I am going to start an airline that will be completely safe from Terrorists. Each plane will be named after a famous pig and be painted as such. Plus a live pig mascot will greet all passengers to ensure their safety.


cactus gal said...

When pigs fly! Great idea. I have a darling piggy-bank from a bank promotion years ago. It features a flying pig, with wings and little googles on.

Anonymous said...

When is the airline's first flight? I'll be among the first to make a reservation.