Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dividing up love

As my wife and I talked about the article written on the SFGate site by Mark Moford, I figured out why the anti-family people can't understand those with many children. They see love as finite, as in love=time or love=money. But real Love is infinite. The more you love, the more love you have. So to those who think loving your children merely means spending 10 minutes of "quality" time with them, or means buying them the latest designer jeans; large families just don't make sense. Instead of 10 minutes with one child, you would only spend 1 minute with each of 10 children.

But as members of healthy large families can attest too, more kids means more love. Mom and Dad learn to give of themselves more freely. Self sacrifice is a way of life and that gives the kids a valuable example. And if mom or dad are occupied, there is surely someone else that can help a younger sibling. And is that really asking too much of an older child to get a cup of water for a 3 year old? Heaven forbid they learn how to serve others! Jesus never taught us that. He only mentioned the empowerment of self as the way to salvation. He was such a glory seeker that he had to go and dramatically die on a mountain during an earthquake so for 2000 years HE would be all his followers can talk about.

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