Monday, October 03, 2005

Respect Life month

Our priest had an excellent homily yesterday to kick off Respect Life month. I like his humility too, when I compliment him on his homilies, he always replies, "pray for the preacher." I always say, "I do." and it looks like it is working.

He wove the readings about the vineyards into his preaching and then turned to respect life. He even mentioned abortion, which in our parish is quite a shock. He preached life with gentleness honesty. I know many of us would like more hard hitting truths, but I like his ability to preach without driving many of the lukewarm away. Perhaps a call to conversion will bring them around.

Other pro-life thoughts: Is there a more obvious Biblical example of life before birth than the second Joyful Mystery? The Visitation always seems to remind me of life in the womb. How can any Christian not believe this, when Elizibeth is filled with the Spirit and calls Mary the "mother of my Lord" and when John leaps for joy in the womb at the prescense of God in Mary's womb? Good meditations for the month of October.

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