Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Those in willing to give up all freedom, stand here

How in the world did we survive hurricanes before FEMA? I understand suffering and loss hurts, but stand up for yourself and be counted among the free.

Gov. Bush seems to think along these lines in retrospect

"People had ample time to prepare. It isn't that hard to get 72 hours worth of food and water," said Bush, repeating the advice that officials had given days before Wilma hit.

But if you prep people by telling them the socialist mother will be there to wipe all your tears before you even fall down, why bother thinking like someone responsible for themselves.
"This is like the Third World," said Claudia Shaw, who spent several hours in a gas line. "We live in a state where we suffer from these storms every year. Where is the planning?"

I guess it wasn't being done by lots of private citizens. Yes it is eerily like a Third World nation, everyone lines up and waits for the government to dole out a tiny bit of freedom found in a loaf of bread.

Reminds me of the "teach a man to fish" line. Fishing must just be something the government employees do on vacation now.

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