Friday, October 14, 2005

They ain't gonna like this

The rad trads will likely take up issue with this comment by Arinze. I sort of agree, but the statement may not sit well with those that feel so strongly about the Tridentine Mass. His point is that it must not be much of an issue because no one brought it up at the synod. I do however really like the last part of his comment.

"It is not a priority for the synod, as no one has spoken about it," the cardinal concluded. "The problem we have discussed is that many people don't go to Mass, and those that come don't understand -- they go to Communion but not to confession, as if they were immaculate."

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joseph zarick said...

As a boy, I am 77, I remember stepping over people going to Communion. Those who had not fasted, those who were conscious of serious sin. If that were the case today, would we need all those "ministers" and would we all be kneeling at the rail receiving the Sacrament from a Priest.