Friday, October 07, 2005

For those about to...

For those about to ... have a coronary over the as-yet-unseen Vatican document that issues asupposed ban on homosexual in the seminary, you might want to sit down and take a drink of water. John Allen writes in his National Catholic Reporter (no bastion of those blindly-loyal-papist Catholics) article, the Vatican will not issue an absolute ban. Those not to be admitted are

- If candidates have not demonstrated a capacity to live celibate lives for at least three years;
- If they are part of a "gay culture," for example, attending gay pride rallies (a point, the official said, which applies both to professors at seminaries as well as students);
- If their homosexual orientation is sufficiently "strong, permanent and univocal" as to make an all-male environment a risk.

Apart from Allen's misuse of celibate (forsaking marriage) in place of chaste, it hardly seems radical to expect at least that much. But I am sure the Sullivanese will find an example of a "good, honest, hard working" priest that is somehow part of the gay culture yet remains chaste. Of course they may use the word celibate which in the case of homosexuals, is true. They do forsake marriage, but not for the right kingdom.


joseph zarick said...

I came across this from a Priest: How can a Homosexual Priest teach things of the Church, namely that his sexual orientation is "disordered" when he is that himself. I have crurely put this, but I hope you understand the supposition.

KaleJ said...

Only if the priest is able to admit is it a sin and for the most part is successuful in avoiding that sin will he be able to point out that it is a sin.

Thanks for the comment

Justin said...

Well, I must say that I'm disappointed. That may sound harsh, but it is high time the Church took a firm stance on homosexuality - at the very least among Her ministers. All of the news stories spread across the internet about this upcoming document were very exciting for me! Now it seems I may have to be disappointed.

I also agree entirely with Mr. Zarich's comment - how can someone be consistent yet still practice the very sin they are preaching against.

P.S. Gorgeous family, Kale! My wife and I just got married this summer, and we hope one day that we can rival your numbers! Keep us in your prayers, and we'll do the same for you and your wife.

KaleJ said...

Thank you Justin, you and your new bride will be in our prayers.

I too felt some disappointment, but we must remember, Justice is God's, Mercy is ours. And as I pointed out earlier, we are the Church Militant, not the Church Triumphant.

We must believe God is working through the Church for what is best for us.