Friday, October 28, 2005

Not done yet

The uprising to get Miers to withdraw has been successful. While Bush saving face with the claim regarding confidential documents, our work is not done.

One of the blogs reminded of the need for prayer. I second that notion. I for one need to remember to call to "pray, fast and don't worry."

But some on the complete other side still don't get it. Not that it is surprising.

Fearing that Bush's next pick will be a darling of the right, Ralph Neas, president of the liberal People For the American Way, urged Bush to resist calls for an ultraconservative and pick someone with a mainstream legal philosophy.
"The president must not let the extreme right dictate his next choice, but instead choose a nominee who can bring us together and maintain a fair and independent balance on the Supreme Court," Neas said.

Mainstream isn't what they want. But they love to change the meaning of words to de-radicalize their views. The "extreme right" as the majority of conservatives are called, does not dictate his choice, but they sure as hell got him elected. And it would be wise for Bush to stop hammering on the last nail in the Republican coffin.

So here's to praying they realize we are still vigilant. Our votes do matter.

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