Monday, March 26, 2007

Stay the course

Dr. Mirus gives us five reasons to stay the course. Stay on the ship and live. Or jump at the peril of you own soul.

How Traditionalists and Modernists Are Alike via the Curt Jester
An old saw reminds us that no matter which side of the barque of Peter
we fall off of, we’ll drown. Port or starboard, left or right: the
result is the same. That’s why both traditionalists and modernists are
drowning in the same sea. Paradoxically, despite being mortal enemies,
they are drowning because they are so much alike. The mindsets of
modernism and traditionalism share at least five essential
I don’t say that people need to give up their right to think in order to be Catholics. Quite the contrary. But if you want to avoid drowning, it is best to think first about your own limits. From this somber reflection, every competent mariner concludes that it is far more intelligent to remain aboard the boat, under the orders of the captain.
Sorta what I was thinking some time ago with Swimming behind the boat. Now not everybody that jumps off drowns in my opinion, but it is to the detriment of the whole Church.
It doesn't matter if you dive off to the left or to the right, you are still diving off the Barque of Peter. Either way you will be stuck in a little life raft or swimming on your own. And it isn't easy to keep up when you are swimming behind the boat, soon you are hopelessly lost. And for those that cling to a lifeline from the boat, they are dragging behind and slowing it down, like barnacles. Thankfully for their sake, the Church adheres to mercy and hopes for their salvation rather than just cutting the rope. But they slow it down still the same. And might I add, very selfishly flail about calling for all attention to be on them.

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