Friday, March 09, 2007

Back when it meant something.

A fine article from John C Wright.
via the Curt Jester
(I know this is duplication for many of the St. Blogs readers, but I do have a few other readers that may have not seen this. And this article fits in with the struggles of this week.)

I was also raised to believe in the axioms of the sexual revolution. It was merely part of the atmosphere of the age: everyone from Robert Heinlein to Ayn Rand told me that sex was recreation, not reproduction. Seeing that these people were trying to get me to fornicate, to cheat on my wife before I even had a wife, when honor demands self-control, began to offend my cold Vulcan heart. Why were all of them cheering for the lack of self-command? Why, suddenly, was self-discipline, trustworthiness, purity, honor, and goodness to be mocked? Why was virginity shameful and harlotry admirable? Would Epictetus or Seneca or Cicero or Marcus Aurelius have said, "Well, if your emotion is stronger than your reason, indulge! Wallow like a swine in heat with a sow! You need no live like an honest man. Surrender your brain to your loins, and act without regard to consequences."

It also began to offend my ferocious poet's heart. Where was the romance, the glamour, the allure? The Sexual Revolution made sex boring, robbed it of meaning, robbed life of its adventure. Why are so many romance novels set in the years long before this revolution? Because the mystique was still alive.

That is why the constant spiral downhill has picked up speed. Instead of liberating people and freeing them to enjoy the sexual union, contraception and the revolution has enslaved people. We are no longer free, but slaves to our emotions and impulses. And since sex is now meaningless pleasure, it becomes boring and something new and more exciting has to be found. Once contraception and meaningless sex was the norm, marital infidelity became popular. Once that was the norm, homosexuality stepped in.

Last years perversion is now the norm and becomes boring, so the thrill must be found in a new perversion.

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