Monday, March 26, 2007

Pushing back

Give the bishops this, they have a limit.

Having been pushed around and barely a few responding to the false teacher, they finally reached the limit. They were pushed far enough that the had to take a stand and did so as a group.

US bishops offer ‘public correction’ of contraception, abortion, marriage pamphlets
The Committee on Doctrine of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has declared that pamphlets published by Professor Daniel Maguire of theology at Marquette University on contraception, abortion, and same-sex marriage, “do not present authentic Catholic teaching.”

“The views about contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, as well as the very nature of Church teaching and its authoritative character, cross the legitimate lines of theological reflection and simply enter into the area of false teaching,” the doctrine committee said.

“Such mistaken views should not be confused with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.”
No wishy-washy terms. Just the truth.
Maguire sent two pamphlets to all Catholic U.S. bishops on June 19. One is entitled “The Moderate Roman Catholic Position on Contraception and Abortion.” The other is “A Catholic Defense of Same-Sex Marriage.”

In a statement issued by the committee last week, the bishops said it was important to “offer a public correction of the erroneous views” in the pamphlets since it is apparent Maguire went to considerable efforts to give his views wide distribution.
Seems as though he wanted a confrontation. Was Satan getting this bold, or is this guy just crying out for correction? Maguire's pamphlets are a good synopsis of all the errors used to promote contraception, abortion and homosexuality as acceptable practices.
In his pamphlets, Maguire argues that “there is no one position” on contraception, abortion, homosexual acts and same-sex marriage that can be called “Catholic.” He pursues his argument, stating that “there is no authentic Church teaching [on these issues] that is binding on all members of the Catholic Church.”
If he truly believes there is "no one position", then it is evident he has read "no one" definitive writings on the matter. The popes and the councils have been very clear. Church teaching and the Bible are very clear.

And now we can add the US Bishops to that list of being very clear.

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Valerie said...

I guess if Maguire adheres to the idea that we can each be our own pope, picking and choosing which doctrine to follow, then I suppose he is right. Sheesh...