Friday, March 02, 2007

A Friday night special.

Angus Daily has a topic that came to my mind recently. And does quite a good job explaining it if you can get through the St. Thomas Aquinas.

Agnus Daily: How drunk is too drunk?
i.e., where does enjoying adult beverages turn into mortal sin.

I am not too concerned about crossing between venial and mortal sin because once you willingly head down the venial road, mortal is just a step or two away.

But this touches on something else I was pondering. Drunkeness is a sin because it takes away the free will. And as Fr. Fernando states, willingly handing over the free will to Satan is definitely a serious sin.

And why? Because where else are we "made in His image" other than our will? So we set aside the most holy thing God has given us. The only thing we can freely give to Him, we hand down to Satan.

hmm... that will put pause in my next beverage or three.

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