Thursday, March 01, 2007

Then why do NFP users have more children?

New research shows effectiveness of natural family planning method
German scientists are now confirming what many Catholic couples have known for some time – the natural family planning method known as STM works. Scientists have been taken aback by a new study which found STM to be as effective, if not more so, than the contraceptive pill in family planning.
So, if it so effective, the question remains. Why do NFP users have more children?

Simple answer: Because they want to. Children are seen as a blessing, not as a financial burden.

Long answer: NFP is like applying little bits of grace to a marriage over the course of time. Slowly but surely, the couple yields to the will of God rather than their own.

I know of what I speak.

I didn't enter marriage really wanting children. I was rather selfish and looked out for number one. But we used NFP because it was the right thing and the only thing for a Catholic couple. I would have been satisfied with 2 or 3 children. But God had other plans and thank the good Lord that we were open to them. I cannot imagine our lives without seeing the faces of our 4th-6th children. The sweetness they have shared, the smiles they bring, the joy they provide with a simple word or act.

(/side note: I had to run out to fix a friends computer last night after supper. I asked my 7 year old to come with as we needed to talk! My two year old heard I was going and got his shoes on and stood by the door. Their was no going without him. And it was as well he did. My friend's wife and kids got their baby fix. /end side note)

Bottom line: I would have missed out on so much that I just couldn't fathom it. So much joy. So much holiness. So why do we have so many children? Maybe because God wanted them and we took a risk and listened to His Will.

And this doesn't even take into consideration what NFP does for the marriage. At a time when many other marriages are breaking down or the couples start to seek outside interest, an NFP marriage is just hitting stride. A home run trot if you will.

And for women, the benefits are immeasurable.
“What it does is teach you exactly what's going on with your body. I know my body and that's very liberating for a woman," another STM user added.

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