Sunday, March 25, 2007


We made it through our first Pinewood Derby as scouts. My second oldest is nine and #3 is seven, both had fun and did well. I was nervous that the cars wouldn't even make it down the track. I was relieved when they passed weigh-ins and inspection for us rookies. With the added weights, both were right on the 5.0 ounces.

Then came the test runs. The "Speedy Hornet" of #2 came in first in the test heat. #3's "The American" ran well also. I was very relieved at this point and started to even get hopeful.

Running a consistent mid 3.2 every time, the Hornet won each of its six heats and even won the 2 heats that had to be re-run because of electronic issues. The American was always #2 except for two heats, winning one and third on another. Overall the Hornet was second out of 20 some cars and The American was fifth. The Hornet never matched up against the overall winner, the Black Widow that came in under 3.2 every time. I suggested to #2 that he have an unofficial race off against the Widow. But he strongly shot that idea down. Guess he was paying attention to the times and knew it would be a tough draw.

So on to the regional Scout-o-Rama for #2 and his "Speedy Hornet".

And more nerves for the proud papa.

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