Friday, March 16, 2007

Instant classic

The battle of the "Bay of Pigs" still turns. Remember Free Piglet?

Well it seems that the story of the Three Little Pigs has been re-written to be less offensive to the Muslim sensitivities. And for all their ruggedness and willingness to die for their religion, they sure raise a high number of overly sensitive men.

But The Curt Jester has solved the issue with his own version, "The Three Little Suicide Bombers" for all the little "sensitive" boys to enjoy.
In this story the Big Bad West keeps coming after and huffin' and puffin' a lot of hot air at these three little terror tykes. First they fled to Afghanistan, but the Big Bad West mostly chased them out. Then they fled to Iraq and the Huffin' and Puffin became less organized and focused. Then they fled to the Media and now laugh as the Big Bad West huffs and puffs to no avail and they can just easily wait him out.

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