Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Working moms, or moms that work

It's easy being a legislator until you stand for something.The left bank has had a field day bashing the Idaho Reps that stood for the family and being able to keep a parent home to care for the kids. Rather than tax and regulate, they look for a little personal responsibility.

Idaho's legislators don't grasp complexities of working moms

And my "working mom" wife works harder than I do keeping the kids fed, dress and educated.Not dismissing those who work OUT of the home, but the real value is in the home. Raising that next generation that will decide much of our care later in our life.

For those mothers that want to make a difference, you can be one voice out in the workforce, leaving someone else to influence your children. Or you can have 2, 3, 4 ... voices in the world as you raise your children to be citizens.

But there is no glory in that. Delayed gratification went out with the dinosaurs.

Again, no ill will for those mothers that work. We both had to work for awhile. But we are much happier now without the extra job. Kids and time together are worth much more than bigger, better toys or a bigger house.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tip the waiter. Hat tip to DFO at Huckleberries

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UnifyingLife said...

"Stay-at-home-sometimes moms wrestle with unfounded feelings of inadequacy since they're not helping with the bills."

The worst part of that article is that the author couldn't seem to imagine that some people might derive their self-worth from something beyond their income. Or perhaps the article is trying to promote the idea that stay-at-home moms should feel inadequate because they aren't helping with the bills. Pretty sad either way.