Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who knew?

Been a bit busy since I found out someone I know plans on getting a vasectomy. Fellow Catholic and all, so I am a bit distraught. Please offer up any prayers for him and for me (so I have the courage and grace to speak with him.)

But in my searching for answers to the health risks, I found a few interesting items. I blogged on the possible link to early onset of dementia a few days back.
Good info on vasectomies and health from CCL
and one very interesting book by Kevin Hauber called


Valerie said...

Praying here (coming out of official lurkdom, so I'm not just a number in your stats). It has always interested me that folks can be so public about their decision to become sterilized. It's as though their BEGGING to be talked out of it.

And all moral issues aside, I would think the health risks, esp. the association with vas. and an increase in prostate cancer, would be enough to convince any man. And, well, getting something sharp down by the 'boys' should make any guy squeemish.

I hope you have the courage to speak the truth in love.

KaleJ said...

Thank you for the prayers. My wife and I put it to prayer also. Asking the Blessed Mother to give him the grace to talk about it with me.

On a side note, he wasn't that public about it. He was talking with a good friend of his and I walked into the conversation. But as a general rule, I agree with your thought. Way too many guys share way too freely on that topic.

David_uk said...

Firstly, dontfixit exists to primarily retail two self-published books. The facts that are "supposedly" some dramatic revelation are not quite what they might seem. Many of them are misquotes of studies, quotes taken completely out of context and is some cases simply made up by the author. http://www.dontfixit.info takes a critical look at the claims made, and posts the originals for comparison.

Secondly, the dementia story is in the main the result of the media swooping on a very poorly done survey and blowing it out of all proportion. The study referred to is a show of hands amongst a very small number of elderly patients that were suffering a disease that affects various mental funtions. SOme of whom may well not have understood the question. The researhers didn't use medical records to verify any fats, nor did they consult with urologial olleagues at the university they work at - they could have done, but chose not to. I certainly wouldn't use it to make any life changing decisions on.

KaleJ said...

The dementia story itself notes that it isn't scientific proof of cause and effect. It just notes the strong correlation and that it should be studied further.

Books are written to be sold, no doubt. But your accusations that he just "made it up" ring rather hollow versus his citations and documentation.