Friday, March 16, 2007

Practicing what it's like to be in Heaven

From a review of Dawn Eden's The Thrill of the Chaste

Heaven can't wait
"Eden, who converted to Catholicism last year, said her editor was reluctant at first to use the title 'The Thrill of the Chaste' because 'he probably thought, quite rightly, that most people in this day and age don't know what chastity is. Chastity is not "no sex." According to the catechism, everyone is supposed to observe chastity according to their state in life, so there�s single chastity and there�s married chastity. Chastity is really a way to look at all your relationships so that they no longer become mere exchanges of commodities. It's a plan for your whole life, for your happiness, and for eventually going to heaven. I look at chastity as a way to practice what it's like to be in heaven.'

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